Meditative Vibes..... A Wellness & Fitness Lifestyle Brand
Meditative Vibes brand started as a Wellness, Fitness, Dance, Fundraising company. While our main brand is still alive and well, due to our over whelming feedback we launched our retail product line under the name Meditative Vibes Essentials. Our Meditative Vibes Essentials division helps support our mission of brining people together, inspiring one to be the best version of themselves by offering products that solve a problem and makes one life a little more pleasurable.
Picture yourself on your yoga mat, outside at feeling the warmth of beautiful, weather. You have wireless headphones over your ears. You look around and see many others on mats around you, your friends, family, other members of the community of all ages and cultures coming together to support a great cause and disconnect yourself from the outside world to reconnect to your true self, through the meditative vibes that you are about to hear and feel during this experience, like you may have never felt before in any class setting. You may begin sitting on your mat, with your eyes closed, then you start to hear music and the clear voice of an instructor beginning to guide you through the class with music vibrating from your ears, moving through your body, causing you to smile, laugh or even sing along as you are stretching and strengthening your body from the inside out. You will wake up from Savasana feeling refreshed and reconnected, not only to yourself but to your community as well. You will leave looking forward to when you can again return to this Meditative Vibe again!
What We Do Best

Events planned and executed using our wireless headphone technology, fitness, dancing, and beneficiary fundraising. In addition, our events have a message to inspire internal growth. Services include event set up, finding the venue (if needed), DJ, sponsors, fitness and/or dance instructor and event equipment. All you need to do is spread the word to your colleagues, we take care of the rest. We also offer Lifestyle items to make ones life a little easier and more pleasurable.

Meditative Vibes