Sunday, March 3rd, 4:00PM, Workshop area

Slow flow with headphones led by Sara Martin Thomas and Meditative Vibes

Take part in an all levels slow flow class that provides you an individual experience as you hear the music and the teacher, Sara Martin Thomas, through personal headsets. Focusing on quieting the mind, moving breathe w/ movement, releasing stress – physically, mentally & emotional as quieting the mind to achieve relaxation, the sound of Sara’s voice and her music will be heard through secure wireless headphones allowing a true disconnection from outside distractions and a true connection with one’s self.

Meditative Vibes is a community built on empowering people looking to improve themselves, spiritually, emotionally and physically, so that they can live a better version of themselves. We accomplish this by encompassing, Mindfulness, Fitness, Dance, Fundraising, Classes, and Events, incorporating our wireless headphone technology. We bring people together and allow them to disconnect so they can reconnect productively. Our messaging creates an opportunity for our community to get in touch with themselves, help support others, clear barriers which ultimately allows one to understand the benefits of positive thinking and gratitude.

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