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The Meditative Vibes Experience

Our Mission

Meditative Vibes TM is a community built on empowering people looking to improve themselves, spiritually, emotionally and physically, so that they can live a better version of themselves. We accomplish this by encompassing, Mindfulness, Fitness, Dance, Fundraising, Classes, and Events, incorporating our wireless headphone technology. We bring people together and allow them to disconnect so they can reconnect productively. Our messaging creates an opportunity for our community to get in touch with themselves, help support others, clear barriers which ultimately allows one to understand the benefits of positive thinking and gratitude.

What we do best

Our events and classes cover Fitness, Dance, Meditation as well and beneficiary fundraising, executed using our wireless headphone technology,

CAF Fundraiser Brought To You By Meditative Vibes

Meditative Vibes Supports CAF

Meditative Vibes Partner Challenged Athletes Foundation

Meditative Vibes Supports the Monarch School

Meditative Vibes supports the Monarch School

Meditative Vibes Supports SHE Foundation

Meditative Vibes & She Foundation TM

Meditative Vibes Supports Mira Mesa High School

Meditative Vibes supports Mira Mesa High School
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Meditative Vibes

is a Unique Outdoor & Indoor, Fitness & Dance Experience with Live Music flowing through wireless sound immersion headphones.

Picture yourself on your yoga mat, outside at feeling the warmth of beautiful, weather. You have wireless headphones over your ears. You look around and see many others on mats around you, your friends, family, other members of the community of all ages and cultures coming together to support a great cause and disconnect yourself from the outside world to reconnect to your true self…

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Meditative Vibes Joe Costa

Joe Costa

Meditative Vibes Megan Hahn

Megan Hahn

Meditative Vibes Team member Sara Martin

Sara Martin

Meditative Vibes & Missy Clagg

Missy Clagg

Meditative Vibes Team member Andrew Schultz

Andrew Schultz

Meditative Vibes Team member Kim Kelly

Kim Kelly

Meditative Vibes Team member Maria Anderson

Maria Anderson

Meditative Vibes Team member Sierra Handley

Sierra Handley

Meditative Vibes Team member Katy Carlson

Katy Carlson

Meditative Vibes Team member Sophronia Jahchan

Sophronia Jahchan

Meditative Vibes Team member Mickey Rosendahl

Mickey Rosendahl

Meditative Vibes Team member Alexandria Geringer

Alexandria Geringer

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